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No other comparable mailing service offers email list marketing that offers such great value for money. JavaDomain.com offers the following great features:

Email List Management
No other opt in email marketing solution offers quite as much product customizability as JavaDomain.com. Opt in email marketing is the type of service that must be customer orientated in order to instil high levels of confidence. That is why each email includes options for unsubscribing from the list. Features for the list owner include full mailing list filtering and automatic duplicate address removal. This allows quick manipulation and administration of your email list.

Fully-Featured Mail Merge System
Unlike other email list marketing services that only allow customization of the 'to' field in emails, our system allows for full customization of the 'to', 'subject' and 'body' fields, allowing for a unique, personalized experience for each of your subscribers.

Archive and Backup Utilities
Every email sent to your list can be saved to the server for future reference. All communications can be saved together, or in different folders for simpler access. This enables you to take full control of your opt in email marketing campaign, with easy checking of what has been sent to the email list.

Full Scheduling Capabilities
For those who use their email list marketing in the form of a newsletter, it is useful to be able to schedule mailouts to clients and customers. Our software allows this to be easily implemented, with full scheduling capabilities.

Multiple Format Support
JavaDomain.com allows users to send out HTML, rich text or combination emails to their email list. Another key to opt in email marketing is to make the mailouts readable by as many people as possible. Therefore, users can offer graphical HTML content (readable by most email clients), rich text (readable by all email clients) or mixed content (graphics will not show but text will).

Pricing is as follows:

MarketingPlan Regular Price
Monthly $15
Quarterly $41
Semi Annually $81
Annually $162
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