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Learn how you can build mailing list, create messages, set auto responders and send email broadcast mails. Click the link for instructions and screenshots.

  • POP Account
    • Add POP account
    • Modify existing POP account
    • Delete existing POP account

  • SMTP Server
    • Add SMTP server
    • Modify existing SMTP Server
    • Delete existing SMTP Server

  • Email Template
    • Add email template
    • Modify existing email template
    • Delete existing email template

  • Mailing List
    • Build mailing list by adding manually
    • Modify existing mailing list
    • Import mailing list
    • Delete mailing list

  • Auto Responder
    • Add auto responder
    • Modify existing auto responder

  • Create Comma Delimited Files
    • Microsoft™ Excel™
    • Microsoft™ Outlook™
    • Microsoft™ Outlook Express™

  • Use Variables

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