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  1. JavaDomain.com does not allow the delivery of unsolicited commercial email, commonly known as SPAM, using its systems. JavaDomain.com enforces and adheres to a strict Anti-SPAM Policy. JavaDomain.com clients, having accepted the terms in the Service Agreement, should be aware that they are solely responsible for any and all messages sent though their JavaDomain.com accounts.
  2. JavaDomain.com:
    • Requires Administrative-level authorization for uploads of more 30,000 leads
    • Automatically puts in an unsubscription link in every message sent--unsubscription/removal is immediate
    • Actively monitors email/message broadcasts to a large number of leads

  3. JavaDomain.com reserves the right to investigate any SPAM-related complaints against its client/s, as well as the right to act on the complaint/s, based on the findings of the investigation, by either warning client/s; and suspending and/or terminating account/s.

How JavaDomain.com Handles SPAM-related Complaints

Initial Warning
The JavaDomain.com client is first notified that SPAM complaint/s have been filed against him or her. The client is reminded of the terms in JavaDomain.com Acceptable Use Policy and Service Agreement.

Final Warning
Should complaint/s (for a different instance) be filed again against the same client, he or she will be issued a Final Warning. The client will again be reminded of the terms in JavaDomain.com's Acceptable Use Policy and Service Agreement and sternly warned of Account Suspension.

Account Suspension
Should complaint/s (for a different instance) again be filed against the same client, his or her JavaDomain.com Account will be suspended.

*The email address of the complainant is immediately removed from the JavaDomain.com Database. It is the client's responsibility to remove complainants' email addresses from his or her list outside the JavaDomain.com Database. JavaDomain.com cannot be held responsible should complainants continue to receive messages from the client in question via mailing systems other than JavaDomain.com.

Think you've been SPAMMED?

If you think you've been spammed, unsubscribe immediately then send a copy of the offending mail to [email protected].
Be sure to include:

  1. The original spam email sent to you by the spammer.
  2. Full headers of the message.

"Headers" provide information on where an email comes from. You can set up your email client (outlook, Eudora, etc.) so that you see the headers of email you receive.


Could you possibly be a SPAMMER? Answer the following questions to find out.

  1. Do you import a purchased list of ANY kind?
  2. Do you send to non-specific addresses such as?
  3. Do you send to distribution lists or mailing lists, which send indirectly to other email addresses?
  4. Do you send email to anyone who has not explicitly agreed to join your mailing list?
  5. Do you falsify your originating address or transmission path information?
  6. Do you use a third-party email address or domain name without permission?
  7. Does your e-mail's subject line contain false or misleading information?
  8. Does your email have a working unsubscription link?
  9. A "yes" to any of the questions may mean you are SPAMMING.

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