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Affordable Email Marketing and Email List Management

JavaDomain.com provides the most cost-effective, high yield, easy-to-use email marketing and email list management tool available today. JavaDomain.com's autoresponder system sends out scheduled periodic email reminders to your customer base and follow up emails to potential subscribers.

Marketing professionals and Internet systems experts conceptualized this web-based email marketing system with the desire to create a complete Internet marketing solution at the best possible cost.

  E-Marketer Pro
Monthly Fee $15 per month
Setup Fee none
Mailing List unlimited
Email Templates unlimited
Broadcast Emails unlimited
Message Length unlimited
Customized HTML Forms unlimited
Email Notification for Sent Messages yes
Manage Bouncing Email Addresses yes
Mail Merge Options yes
Pop Email Catchers yes
Auto Responders yes

What We Have to Offer:

Why JavaDomain.com's Affordable Email Marketing and Email List Management?

Fast and Accurate
Tired of email marketing softwares that takes forever to send out broadcast emails? JavaDomain.com's email list management and email marketing system has an undeniably fast email delivery rate.

Reliable and Secure
Backed by high-end technology, CISCO routers, Linux OS and Apache servers, JavaDomain.com's email marketing system has an email list management tool that is reliable and secure. With highly reliable backend systems and database capacity, JavaDomain.com sends out unlimited bulk emails to potential subscribers. Server side administration and maintenance takes care of email list management without the hassle of installing corruptible software in a user's computer. With JavaDomain.com, customers get dependable service that's sure to propel their Internet marketing campaigns!

JavaDomain.com's web-based email marketing system provides easy-to-understand instructions and complete customer manuals to help users most effectively use JavaDomain.com's email list management tools.

Excellent Customer Service
Need help in using JavaDomain.com's email management system? Technical and Customer support can be reached thru email and phone. Click here for more information.

Build customer relationships with JavaDomain.com's Email Marketing System and email list management services.

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