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JavaDomain.com is the world's most profitable email marketing service.

These are not spam emails sent to random email addresses, they are based on opt in email marketing, where every potential lead is qualified.

This is a comprehensive email list marketing service, offering only the best offering only the best email marketing features, including:

  • Multiple POP and SMTP email server settings
  • The option of either plain text or HTML formatted emails
  • Full integration with your existing website for opting in and unsubscribing
  • Full statistical reports, customized to your needs
  • Unlimited autoresponders, mailing list storage and mailing blasts

This service offers not only the most easy to use service on the web, but also the most cost-effective and high-yield opt in email marketing available. The service is adaptable so that it can either form part of your overall marketing strategy or act as the entire strategy, relied upon fully for bringing in additional business.

Current Promotional Opportunities
As a special introductory offer to our clients, we have a number of special promotional offers:

Free Trial
Not sure about JavaDomain.com? Why not take advantage of a free 30 day trial? This trial is UNLIMITED, meaning that our ENTIRE service is available completely free of charge for a whole month, long enough for you to truly see what our service is all about. This trial brings absolutely no commitment: simply try our service and see if it's right for you.

Discounted Rates on Email Design
By joining our program you are invited to take advantage of special promotional rates on professionally designed email templates. Contact us for more information.

JavaDomain.com is the perfect choice not only for mailing lists, but also scheduled newsletters, autoresponders to customer enquiries and many other services, each of which are designed to optimize your sales.

Bulk email software has been proven to be effective simply because each of the recipients of your mail outs have chosen to be on the list, and so are receptive to such marketing methods. This is why we are able to offer conversion rates as high as 15%. This means that if you send out just 1000 emails to unique addresses, your sales from that email could realistically be as high as 150, or $1500 for a $10 Humanscale product.

Some of the advantages of email marketing include:

  • Full server side administration, meaning that you can make changes or edit current content in real time, directly using the information on the server, and replacing it instantly. This means no waiting, and no delays, simply instant email marketing.
  • No downloads or programs. Everything is stored on the server, so if your computer crashes, there is no software to corrupt, potentially destroying your list of email contacts.
  • Automatic updates, meaning as soon as our software is updated, your account is updated, automatically using the latest and best functionality.
  • The entire opt in email list system is web based, meaning that no matter where you need to access your email list or indulge in some internet marketing, you can.

Join now for the low price of fifteen dollars a month! Fifteen dollars than could bring so much more back to your business. That's less than fifty cents a day. What are you waiting for?

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